Saturday, April 20, 2013


So I started taking pics and this is my progress so far. 
 Started size 42 around my waist now 36 

These are more results from the FitPack plus 2 wraps... 

I did 3 "rounds" of the Fit Pack. Lost 50 lbs so far and am aiming for about 20 more. It's nice to have my old jeans FINALLY FIT!
You get everything you need for the month and wrap once a week. In the pic below you will find the schedule for your supplements and when you become a loyal customer you get free access to our Fit Works site where you will get support and recipes for the program.
As you might know (or you can look at my first post when I wrapped) I started with just the wraps in the beginning, the company introduced "The Ultimate Makeover" line later a long the line and then I tried that and is where I lost 50 lbs. I just started it again and will log the progress this time also. With these packages we have the wrapping once a week. 

Remember I am always booking wrap parties. Hostess  wraps FREE when you get 5 friends to come over wrap ($25), and learn about ItWorks! Contact me to put you down on the calendar 585-5330-7053


Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Working in the New Year.

Hello everyone :O) 
Well I know I haven't posted in a while. But I wrapped Tuesday night and am SUPER stoke with the results!!! I gained about 10 lbs over the Holidays and well it is time for them to come off!!! I wrapped and saw an Initial of 5.5 inch lost after 45 minutes! THEN, an inch more at the 24 hour mark. For a total of 6.5 inches!!! I have been drinking water regularly through out my day and am seeing a better result then the last time I wrapped which was like 3" of total which is still SUPER AWESOME for doing NOTHING! LOL. I took a hot shower wrapped and wore it for like 2 hours while laying down watching TV! I just love the whole firm , tighten and tone from home!!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fat Fighters

So the product of the month is Fatfighter so I decided to write up on it and give you all some info: Most of it will be directly from my website : 
Have a sweet tooth? A carb craving? It's okay to indulge every once in a while when you have Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors!; Quantity: 60 Tablets; Recommended Dosage: Adults take 2 tablets during or up to 60 minutes after each large meal.

FAQ'S about FatFighters:


How does Fat Fighter Work?


Fat Fighter contains NeOpuntia, the most powerful fat binding ingredient on the market today. NeOpuntia is derived from a vegetable known as the prickly pear cactus fiber. In addition, Fat Fighter contains Phaseolamin, a white kidney bean extract that acts as a carb inhibitor and also aids in weight loss. The natural ingredients make Fat Fighter safe for daily consumption, and this product is also gluten free!

It is important to take your Fat Fighter 15 to 60 minutes after you ingest your largest meal of the day. This is when the magic happens! The NeOpuntia binds to the fat and stops it from being absorbed into your body and it will then be harmlessly eliminated from your system.


Is Fat Fighter like other products I’ve used that caused me to make frequent trips to the ladies room?


Typically, Fat Fighter will not cause you to use the bathroom more frequently.

"The Fat Fighters work! Many times the food that I eat on the run isn't the most nutritious. Even though I would like to be more proactive in watching what I eat, I sometimes eat more than I should at one meal. On top of that I don't get the exercise that I should.

"Having a couple of Fat Fighters during a heavy meal has worked wonders, and I have actually lost 10 lbs while using this product."

- Dave from Grand Rapids, MI

Get your Fat Fighters Now! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frequently asked questions ....

Hello ladies and gents, 
I decided I post some FAQ's today so it can be on the main page for ALL TO SEE! 
Quick update on me, 
I have still been wrapping and targeting lower abdomen, 
We all know how much we love our "pouch" 
after having the kiddos, It's almost gone, after 4 wraps 
and I'm excited to move on to another area soon.
I also have some supplements coming to try, I'm excited for that also, 
The Fatfighters, Thermofit and another one. 
I did use the fatfighters before but I was taking them when I ate and I read you are supposed to wait 15 minutes AFTER you eat to take them.

So here it is.

Men can wrap 2!

Can anyone use the Ultimate Applicator?


While our products are safe and effective, we don’t recommend that pregnant or nursing moms use any of our Applicators, except for the Facial Applicator. We also don’t recommend the Applicators for children.


How long do the results last from the Ultimate Body Applicator?


The results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator are not temporary, like you may have experienced or heard about with many body wraps that simply cause water loss.  The Ultimate Body Applicator helps detoxify, tighten, tone, and firm in a manner that produces lasting results—without water loss.

As is true with any weight loss or body slimming, you can reverse the results you see from the Ultimate Body Applicator with poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This is why we say, depending on your eating habits and level of daily activity, you can expect your results to last approximately anywhere from 2 - 6 months.

Using Defining Gel daily can help you make sure that you improve and maintain your results from the Ultimate Body Applicators.  Continued use of the Ultimate Body Applicators (one wrap every 72 hours at most) will also help you achieve continued results and maintain results you may be reversing with eating and lifestyle habits.


How many Ultimate Applicators can I use at one time?


We recommend targeting one area at a time with the Ultimate Applicator. Use one Applicator on that target area, unless you are targeting your legs or arms. You may then either use one Applicator on each leg/arm, or cut one Applicator in half and apply each half to your arm/leg. The Facial Applicator can be used when targeting any other part of the body because they are formulated differently. The Facial applicator tightens, tones and firms while giving the skin a lifting effect.


How does the Ultimate Applicator work?


The active ingredients in the Ultimate Applicator help to heal the skin, producing a tightening, toning and firming effect. The Ultimate Applicator also detoxifies the body. The ingredients continue to work for 72 hours after you have applied the Ultimate Applicator, so you may continue to see progressive results over this time period.