Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before and after face applicators

So I put the face applicator pics side by side...I really did not see a noticeable difference that day...Well I thought so, until now that I am putting the pictures side by side. I see a noticeable difference on my neck area both when looking forward and side...The FACE applicator is not intended to be put on the chin or neck area but I was desperate :o)
I did order some neck applicators but have been busy and have not had a chance to try...
On another note...I got some distributors that signed up on the last day of March Madness so I am excited to see how they progress with the product both in the personal level and business level :o)
On midnight the company announced that they were going to extend the $99 for the month of April!
I am so excited because I know that there were a few who were interested but couldn't at the moment so this will buy them one more month!

Ok , here are the pictures...


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